Ladies in their 30s lend their wisdom (Image Credit: Unsplash, Brooke Cagle)

7 Things 30-Something Women Want 20-Something Women To Know

If they could go back, a lot of women in their 30s would reassure their 20-something selves that they really don’t need to worry. “No one has it all figured out yet. You're going to be fine."

"After five minutes of show-and-tell instructions, some changes to my settings, and a little strategic screen-tapping, I was enlightened to the possibilities." Image: author

Joining Snapchat In Your 30s And Other Clues You're Bad At Being A Millennial

Having been born in 1982, I qualify as a member of the millennial generation, but just by a hair. Often, I feel like an old lady, sometimes the last to catch on to to the fads claimed by this group — and when I do, I fall hard. (I’m looking at you, leggings-as-pants.)


10 Reasons You're A S.L.O.T.: Single Life Over 30 

S.L.U.T. (single life under thirty) is officially over and you’re still banging your vibrator. Well, doesn't this suck? Who was prepared for your 30s being so super-lame? Your hair is turning gray, your boobs are getting wrinkles, and what the hell is this on your face? No. Way. Chin. Hair. Not to mention you can no longer drink without getting a hangover.