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Kimmie Jones is a 30 something Nashvillian, doing what she loves by working for a disability nonprofit and funneling her love of the ridiculous and degree in journalism into You can also read her ramblings on Elite Daily and Hello Giggles. 

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Social media accounts and news outlets foam at the mouth to fill themselves with cell phone videos of such prom-posals, even though these do the polar opposite of normalizing disability.

4 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Sharing Inspiration Porn On Social Media

However, these seemingly innocuous stories are, in a very subtle way, reducing the subjects to their base level, judging them solely on their disability, and assuming that they are incapable of the same things as their peers, like hobbies or love.

More gender neutral bathrooms? YES please!

Why This Cis Girl In A Wheelchair Cares About Bathroom Bills

It's frustrating, and even more so because I know I'm not alone in this awkward pee-pee waltz with propriety. Ask any cross-section of people with disabilities, and you will hear a choir of amens — and, likely, some amusing stories.
Inclusive restrooms could be a welcome respite for a huge population of people beyond just those with disabilities and those who don't identify with the gender they were assigned at birth.

Every time I watch some absurd scenario unfold, I grow increasingly grateful for my normal — no matter how boring it sometimes seems. Image: Thinkstock.

I Watch Trashy Reality TV And I Feel No Shame

Most nights I rely on trashy reality TV to unjumble my thoughts and get centered. To some, that logic is a little fuzzy, but to me, focusing on someone else’s preventable drama seems far preferable to obsessing over my own.

¡Viva el iPhone!

Off The Grid, Out Of My Mind: How I (Barely) Survived 20 Hours Without My iPhone

Last week, my grid was swept away: My iPhone went berserk and crapped out on me entirely. What followed can best be described as a tsunami of anxiety. Sure, a tech detox seems great theoretically, but on my own terms. This was 100% involuntary.

"After five minutes of show-and-tell instructions, some changes to my settings, and a little strategic screen-tapping, I was enlightened to the possibilities." Image: author

Joining Snapchat In Your 30s And Other Clues You're Bad At Being A Millennial

Having been born in 1982, I qualify as a member of the millennial generation, but just by a hair. Often, I feel like an old lady, sometimes the last to catch on to to the fads claimed by this group — and when I do, I fall hard. (I’m looking at you, leggings-as-pants.)

Boss Babes: Get Ready For A New (Feminist) Coloring Obsession

Boss Babes: Get Ready For A New (Feminist) Coloring Obsession

Volansky decided to create Boss Babes as an accessible exercise in female empowerment. “I was seeing all my friends and family receive adult coloring books as presents last holiday season and remember flipping through one thinking: ‘Michelle, you have to try your hand at this. You would be stupid not to.’ My dream job would be getting asked to draw portraits of bad-ass, contemporary feminist heroes so why not take matters into my own hands and hire myself for the job?”

"Hearing that you are pretty 'for someone in a wheelchair' is a compliment that leaves a bad aftertaste." Image: Thinkstock

Feeling Body-Positive When You Have A Disability

When you hear the buzzwords “body shame” or “body positivity,” it's common to think those phrases only apply to those who have a little extra junk in the trunk, but a huge demographic is excluded the conversation when it takes that cliché Christina Aguilera “We are Beautiful” turn.

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11 Anatomical Etsy Finds To Fright And Delight Now That Halloween Is Over

October is now officially kaput and we are all starting to get the stench of burning pumpkin out of all those newly unpacked sweaters.

People with disabilities are one of the largest minority groups and one that gets easily overlooked

Why Trump’s Inauguration Is Personal For Some People With Disabilities

To the man taking the wheel in this country: as a person with a disability, I feel like I’m nothing and THAT terrifies me.