Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez

Ask Erin: I Have Abandonment Issues 

Do people ever recover from abandonment issues? Life looks very long and very lonely from where I'm standing right now. Read...
Erin Khar   |   04.10.19   |   SHARE
Ask Erin
"My anger was there when my father wasn’t. My anger has been reliable. Sometimes it feels like my anger taught me all the things my father should have."

Learning About My Father's Personality Disorder Helped Me Forgive Him

I have to accept the fact that Black men are not allowed to deal with their mental health issues — specifically personality and schizoaffective Read...
Africa Jackson    |   05.22.17   |   SHARE
I was consistently pondering this emptiness inside me.

Everything I've Learned About Living With Abandonment Issues

I grew up knowing my family always had its very own black cloud. Like a backyard pet that comes and goes when it pleases, a room locked but filled Read...
Lisa Marie Basile    |   11.8.16   |   SHARE