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Why Parents Feel Uncomfortable Talking About Post-Adoption Depression

PADS, or post-adoption depression syndrome, is a real thing, but why do so few parents know about it and suffer their feelings alone? Read...
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So there are these little things. The “which of you is the mother?” things.

How An Anonymous Donor Helped Me Adopt My Daughter

Someone I have never met donated a large sum of money, for no other reason than they felt it was the right thing to do, to help my family feel safe. Read...
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Parents Surprise Foster Children With Disney Trip To Reveal Their Adoption

Courtney and Tom Gilmour have been fostering Janielle, 12 and Elijah, 10, for three years. With help from Mickey Mouse, they reveal that they have Read...
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The day the waiting stopped will always be a bittersweet day, but for me, a day that deserves a celebration.

The Conflict Of Celebrating "Adoption Day"

I remember the day I met my son for the first time as if it was yesterday, instead of almost five years ago. I can recall every detail about my first Read...
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Conversations about adoption happen regularly at our house, but it kind of sucks when our important conversations are triggered by the offhand question from someone who doesn’t know our family. Image: Thinkstock.

8 Ridiculous Adoption Questions This Transracial Family Has Been Asked

My family stands out. My kids are Asian, my husband and I are white. Most people will (correctly) assume our children are adopted. Read...
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I have three kids: two from China, one from the vagina. Image: Jill Robbins

6 Things I Learned About Adoption During Our First Month Home With Our New Child

Life is pretty normal now — whatever that means — but I’ll always look back on our first few weeks home with our newly-adopted kids and compare it to Read...
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Think before you speak.

What Being Adopted Is Really Like

I’m adopted. It’s one of those things that has been a major force in shaping my identity, but that’s hard to talk about authentically almost anywhere Read...
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When Another Mother Raises The Baby You Gave Birth To

It's a funny thing, being a birthmom. People ask if our two boys are my only children and I'm stuck momentarily in this place of, "Should I share my Read...
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