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Tequila Changed My Sex Life; How It Did Will Surprise You

This felt dysfunctional. Who needs alcohol to have better sex? That’s ridiculous.

Leaving the beer alone might see you feeling better rested and less fatigued during the day.

5 Benefits Of Taking A Break From Drinking

It’s summertime and that means an abundance of pool parties, Fourth of July shindigs, and good times spent in the sun. Very often, these celebrations come hand-in-hand with alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, our drinking habits can have long lasting effects on our health and happiness.

The occasional drink helped keep my stress levels low — and ultimately it contributed to a healthier pregnancy for me. Image: WeHeartIt.

Why I Drank While I Was Pregnant

I went on to drink a small glass of wine or two per week throughout my pregnancy once I got over the initial shock of it being unplanned. Once I had adjusted to the fact that I was going to bring another baby into the world, I was still overwhelmed by the stress it brought on. I had suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of my son and we had decided not to have any more children. I didn't want the risks or the horrible anxiety that came with pregnancy. Yet here I was, facing all that uncertainty again. Damn right I needed a drink.


Mom-Inspired Cocktails: 17 Drinks For The Modern (Exhausted, Overworked) Mother

Mom-osa: This is like a mimosa, only leave out the OJ.

Drinking a ton makes it harder for sperm to hit their target . . . Credit: Wikipedia Commons

New Study Finds Binge Drinking Lowers Sperm Count

Hypothetically, this gives a somewhat free-ish pass to the contraceptively lazy who like to drink. Don't let it though, obviously.


Alcohol: It Does a Body Good?

Science asserts that drinking in moderation—and no, not just red wine!—actually has very real cardiovascular benefits. Cheers!