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Not only does she suggest that “feeling fat” can be fixed through the use of tools, but she says that one “tool” to use when you’re “feeling fat” is to tell yourself that you are “beautiful.” Dude. (Image Credit: Instagram/theashleygraham)

Dear Ashley Graham: Fat Is Not A Feeling

Fat is not a feeling you have. Fat is a body size you are. Fat people have as many different feelings about our bodies as thin people do. Suggesting that feeling bad about your body means that you are “feeling fat” is fat shaming AF, and it adds to the ceaseless fatphobic messages that permeate our society.

What's worse than being ostracized or criticized because you look a certain way is when others form extremely biased judgments on your character or reinforce stereotypes or double-standards because of how you present yourself. Image: Valerie Bevilacqua.

I'm Body-Shamed For Wearing The EXACT Same Clothes As Thin Women

As a curvaceous 27-year-old who developed early, I was constantly reprimanded for my selection in attire. Whether I was complimented by strangers or nagged by loved ones, one thing was made certain: my well-endowed "assets" caught both positive and negative attention, even when it was out of my control.


The Problem With A Curvy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Going Viral   

Ashley Graham's newfound fame begs the question: Should we drop the term "plus-size"?