Even In Tragic Death, Charlie Hebdo Victims Benefit From Privilege 

Who is memorialized in death has everything to do with race, class . . . and who you were in life.

Hey guys: Remember when Shark Week didn't involve a douchebag in a shark costume? (Credit:

It's Official: Dumbed-Down Shark Week Has Jumped the Shark 

Once focused on revealing the actual world of sharks, Discovery Channel's hyped programming has become dumb, weird and fake.

Candelight vigil for Dr. George Tiller, who was murdered by an anti-abortion extremist.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion Clinic Buffer Zone, Blatantly Ignores Violent History

Chief Justice Roberts thinks anti-abortion activists simply want to "talk to women." Too bad this approach has historically included arson and murder.


This Week in Hillary-World: Feeling the Heat from Both Sides of the Aisle

Shocker: Glenn Beck and the GOP have amped up their attacks on Hillary. But why are left-wing outlets and Tina Brown joining the oppositional fray?