This week, Rachel headed to each of the remaining candidates’ homes to meet their families. (Image Credit: Instagram/@ericbigger)

Bachelorette Hometowns: The Remaining Guys Are Either Exploiting This Show, Or Being Exploited By It

This week, Rachel headed to each of the remaining candidates’ homes to meet their families. Events ranged from the boring and predictable to the Read...
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Bryan gets a hometown, and it's previewed he makes it all the way to the final two. This seems... questionable. (Image credit: Instagram/@bacheloretteabc)

Who Gets A Hometown Date? Bachelorette Rachel Risks Major Family Drama

The pressure is starting to build because this is the last week before “hometowns,” the notorious episode in which the bachelorette/bachelor goes Read...
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Cinephile Style: Bachelorette Is the Glorious (Sleeper) Precursor To Bridesmaids

No, it's not Bridesmaids. Is it that other movie that deserves a decidedly closer look. Read...
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Prostitute (Accidentally?) Murders Google Exec Aboard His Yacht

The death of Google exec Forrest Timothy Hayes serves as a harrowing reminder of why sex with strangers can prove all too costly. Read...
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The Bachelorette Uses Contestant's Death to Drum Up Ratings, Sinks to All-Time Low

Not cool, trashy reality television show. Not cool. Read...
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Move Over, Boring Hunks: Why 'Pantsapreneur' J.J. O'Brien is Our Favorite Bachelorette Suitor

This wacky pants designer from San Francisco is the dating show's most interesting contestant. Here's why you should give him an imaginary rose. Read...
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Taiwan Launches New Sex-Themed Restaurant, We Get Jealous

This gives the line, "I smell sex and candy" a whole new meaning. Read...
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