Jess Lahitou

Jess Lahitou


Jess is a literature lover, former teacher, new(ish) mother, and politics junkie. Currently in Miami, this Colorado native is embracing the culture shock. Art Basel? Wynwood? Ropa Vieja? Yes, please.

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WTF Was Starbucks Thinking When They OK’d 2015’s #RedCup?

A tradition dating back to 1997, starting each November 1st, Starbucks introduces their holiday cup. So after 10 long months of waiting, forgive me for experiencing childlike letdown over this year’s Red Cup.

Hillary’s “inevitable” status is not yet guaranteed.

5 Ways Hillary Could Win Over Bernie Supporters

The best way of bringing in Sanders supporters is not to berate them into party loyalty, but to steal them away.


Democratic Debate: Winners And Losers

The five 2016 Democratic candidates for President met in Las Vegas for their first debate last night, and this writer’s prediction is that the field will be down to three for the next matchup. (Barring Joe Biden’s entry into the race, which remains a distant possibility).

Duck Dynasty viewers were likely to vote for Trump. (Image Credit: Flickr/Mike Mozart)

The 'Duck Dynasty' Test: Are We This Politically Predictable?

Four years ago, my husband took a job transfer to Bogota, Colombia.


New Hampshire Elects Sanders And Trump: To Rejoice Or Weep?

Rejoicing or weeping will depend on who you are, but let’s look at what happened either way.


Reporters, prepare to be shushed. (Image Credit: Michael Vadon / Flickr)

Donald Trump Is Donald Trump: Notes On His First Press Conference As President-elect

Will every story that Trump doesn’t approve of get the “fake news” label, its authors permanently blacklisted forever?

Photo Credit: YouTube

Polls Update: Bernie Beats Hillary, But Who Will Beat Trump?

Democrats need to nominate the person with the best chance of cleaning the floor with Donald Trump. Not just for their own victory, but for the… dare I say, survival of the country itself.

The nightmare that is Aleppo defies description. (Image Credit: Freedom House via Flickr)

How To Help Syria

With Twitter awash in letters of goodbyes, 140-word final messages from “collateral damage,” my heart broke last night. That doesn’t mean anything, and neither does this: I want to say I’m sorry to Syria.

Image Credit: Brett Weinstein / Flickr

Not A Great Day for Clinton: Wikileaks And Emails Strike Again

I am hesitant to write anything that might tangentially help Donald Trump, because I think the man entirely unfit to be president.

Change demands more than just protests.

How To Start A Revolution: Think Small

If I’m just online screaming, what am I not doing in physical reality?