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Jess Lahitou


Jess is a literature lover, former teacher, new(ish) mother, and politics junkie. Currently in Miami, this Colorado native is embracing the culture shock. Art Basel? Wynwood? Ropa Vieja? Yes, please.

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Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Makes History

Prejudice against women has existed in this country since its very inception. Indeed, prejudice against women has existed throughout all of history, long predating the presence of America, and sexism continues on unabated today, in most parts of the world. And it goes mostly unaddressed, much less eradicated.

(Image Credit: By Donald Trump August 19, 2015 (cropped).jpg: BU Rob13 Hillary Clinton by Gage Skidmore 2.jpg: Gage [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

My Very Gen-Y Take On The First Presidential Debate

So I don’t approve, in general, of how my generation tends to come at things, with the focus on: me, my experience, my

No trigger warnings in here.

Are We Too Triggered?: The Challenge Of Creating “Safe Spaces” On College Campuses

Students at the University of Missouri and Yale have recently grabbed media attention for their protests against administrators and professors who fail to create a safe space for them on campus. In the latter, an email questioning the prudence of restricting Halloween costumes stirred uproar, causing this video of a student publicly berating her professor to go viral.

By appealing to a particular brand of “true Texan,”certain Republicans managed to move the party from its business-oriented, pragmatic red-state vibe to a social cause-focused, fundamentalist new version of itself.

Is America's Future Really Texas?

Wright’s argument is that the way super conservative Texas Republicans have taken control of the political agenda could replicate itself on the national scale.

My mom has been an invaluable mentor — not just to me, but to many of my friends.

A Mother's Wisdom: Why Everyone Needs A Mentor And A Friend

Back in my early twenties, I struggled financially. But more so in that much-mocked Millennial quest of “finding myself,” I made a number of questionable decisions.

We don't all love it.

Call Me A Killjoy: A Case Against Medical Marijuana

But the way I see it, concerning the issue of legalizing pot we have two questions: 1) Whether a person has the right to get high, and 2) Whether that right supersedes the rights of other potentially affected parties.

Given their unfair and potentially exploitative access to the personal life details of millions of voters, in an ideal world, social media tycoons wouldn’t run at all. (Image Credit: Instagram/@zuck)

Is The Next President Coming Out Of Silicon Valley?

Americans deserve to vote without being unwittingly “nudged,” “tweaked,” or otherwise manipulated by those with the most power and most incentive to do so. Ergo, any candidate from Silicon Valley needs to be treated with an excess of skepticism.

Is it worth it to you?

Should You Support The Salvation Army?

If you’ve heard recent Internet claims that The Salvation Army doesn’t deserve your money, and you are now wondering whether or not to toss a few coins in the red can on your way to stock up on Christmas goodies, here’s a thought experiment:

Pharmaceutical companies, like tobacco companies, are in the business of making a profit.

Big Pharma & Big Tobacco: A Tale Of Two Deadly Scandals

Is there a difference between what the cigs biz did back in the 1950s and ‘60s and the way present-day pharmaceutical companies have aggressively marketed opioids like OxyContin?