Breitbart And Aaron Black: A Political Match Made In Not-Heaven

A tale of both sides blowing it. (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

A tale of both sides blowing it. (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

Bipartisanship is a rare bird. Especially during this election, with both sides throwing serious shade, in ways rarely before seen in a presidential contest. But never fear. Breitbart and Aaron Black *fearlessly*worked together during the primary… to ensure that Donald Trump became the Republican nominee.

What is Breitbart, you ask? It’s the Alt-Right mouthpiece of the Donald J. Trump campaign (in the form of an online “news” outlet). They have been his most outspoken fanboy since… well, roughly since Trump announced his candidacy, June 16, 2015 (a day that will, sadly, be noted in history books).

That Breitbart has embraced the Alt-Right movement – characterized by Euro-centric thinking about white superiority – makes it anathema not only to liberals, but to many Republicans as well. So why would any self-respecting Democrat agree to cooperate with their toxic worldview?

Because politics brings out the worst in a lot of people. Aaaaand, because in one case, the goals of Breitbart and some scrappy liberals coincided. That goal being: make sure Donald J. Trump became the GOP’s presidential nominee.

Why Breitbart desires Trump so passionately is a full post all its own, but much comes down to the self-proclaimed “Leninist” who headed up the outfit during most of this 2016 election season. He said his goal was to “destroy the state,” as in our very own government.

That would be a one Steve Bannon, who is – wait for it – now chairman of the Trump bumble show, occasionally referred to as a campaign.

A bit about Breitbart collaborator Aaron Black: he’s a former Occupy Wall Street organizer, and currently works for Democracy Partners, a group whose guiding principle reads “Cutting Edge Strategies for Progressive Values.”

One of those strategies entailed Black dressing up like a robot, trolling then-primary candidate Marco Rubio during his scheduled events. Riffing on the #Rubioglitch that occurred during the Feb. 7 Republican primary debate, Black made sure to keep the “Robot Rubio” meme in headlines. (Rubio repeated a line, nearly word for word, during an exchange with Governor Chris Christie. It’s pretty brutal to watch).

Even with Rubio out of the presidential contest, you might still see the organization Black works for pop up in the news. Employees of Democracy Partners were recently caught on video admitting they send paid "agitators" to Trump rallies...

According to Politico, Black worked in direct contact with several Breitbart staff members to ensure maximum coverage of such stunts. The main target appears to be Rubio, which helps explain why Black would be so willing to get in bed with his purported enemies.

It is no secret that Sen. Rubio scares Democrats. Brian Beutler at The New Republic wrote on Tuesday, “Part of this frustration stems from a lingering anxiety about the thought of Rubio beating Hillary Clinton in 2020.” Recently released emails from Wikileaks also show that the current HRC campaign saw Rubio as the biggest potential threat. And there exist indications that the New York Times is possibly obsessed with Rubio. Even Jon Stewart mocked their breathless June coverage of Rubio’s… traffic tickets.

So it is understandable that liberals were invested in Rubio’s demise. But even with Rubio out of the presidential contest, you might still see the organization Black works for pop up in the news. Employees of Democracy Partners were also recently caught on video admitting that they send “agitators” to Trump rallies, with the sole intention of provoking violence. A good shot of a Trump supporter losing it obviously does the Clinton campaign some good.

That being said, there are plenty of reliable sources that paint a pretty ugly picture of Trump’s rallies, no hidden provocateurs required. Just look at how journalists are harassed, or this video of a peaceful black protestor getting sucker-punched by an older man.

Neither Breitbart nor Aaron Black emerge in any positive light here…

Bipartisanship isn’t always a good thing.



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