Betsy DeVos

The March 2017 cover of Vogue. (Image via Instagram/ voguemagazine)

Whitewashing In American Society 

Hiiiiii people! These issues aren’t going away. And neither am I. So scroll on by if it bothers you.

Betsy DeVos does not understand black history when it comes to higher education. At all. (

#RavsRadar: Betsy DeVos, Please Learn The Actual History About HBCUs

Pop quiz time! What was the impetus for the founding of historically black universities and colleges (HBUCs)?

No experience working in public schools. What could go wrong? (Image Credit: YouTube / PBS Newshour)

#RavsRadar: Betsy DeVos Confirmation Hearing Was Really, Truly Awful

Last night, Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education was in the hot seat during her confirmation hearing.