image credit: Twitter via TeaGossips

7 HILARIOUS Photos Of Parents Trying To Top Beyoncé's Twins Birth Announcement 

Beyonce, the Queen Bey, just announced the birth of her one month old twins. Now parents all over are parodying the announcement. They do say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?


Did Sesame Street Just Predict The End Of House of Cards?

Holy Cookie Monster! Sesame Street just turned House of Cards into a fable worthy of Aesop. 


Hear This: Queen Bey and BOOTS are Back in Black, Maybe in Love

Beyonce blows fledgling producer BOOTS' mind by sending back his new single with her buttery vocals dripping all over it.


Hear This: Beyonce's Mysterious Producer Drops a New Beat

Did you know that Beyonce had a mysterious producer on her last album? We didn’t either.