Hear This: Queen Bey and BOOTS are Back in Black, Maybe in Love

BOOTS, the previously unheard producer that worked with The Queen Bee on her dare-we-say-amazing (if a touch narcissist) visual album, Beyonce, just released a single from off BOOTS' hot-off-the-presses, 16-track record: WinterSpringSummerFall.

The single—surprise surprise!—is called "Dreams" and features Beyonce crooning along with BOOTS adding some creamy-as-all-hell trills over-top his too-smooth track. 

In an interview with Celebrity Cafe, BOOTS explained he sent her the song just to see what she thought...and the Bey sent it back with her vocals on it. He generally gushed about how excited he is to have her friendship and how natural they are are together—even though they exist in different realms artistically. We gotta wonder— is there a little love-stew brewing between them? Between BOOTS' non-so-cryptic comments and the unsolicited love-lines Bey added to the track— "Baby we gotta lotta life to live you're the only one that I could stand by, Baby we gotta lotta love to give, Baby we could put the whole world on stand by" ...we can't resist a little gossip-mongering. (Sorry.)

In more important news—and likely more truthful!—BOOTS announced that every cent of the song's proceeds are going to "Day One," one of the only charities that provides for New York City Youth who are in or have been in an abusive relationship. 

A while back I promised myself that if I ever had the opportunity to help others, or give back in some way, I would seize it. A friend recently told me about a non-profit organization called "Day One" here in NYC. In their words, 'Day One is the only organization in New York City solely devoted to the issue of teen dating violence.' I feel that protecting women from these horrible and unthinkable acts should take precedence in our society. I feel passionate about this because if more women knew that safe places existed from the turmoil they experience, it could possibly prevent these situations from occurring or reoccurring.

Pretty much awesome all around—even if you aren't feeling this sprawling R&B jam, you can bask in the knowledge that every red cent is being funneled into protecting young women from cretinous assholes. And that's a Wednesday well-spent.


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