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Melissa Fabello: Body Image Vlogger, Editor for Everyday Feminism

Body positivity vlogger. Ph.D. pursuer.
Aubrey Wallace   |   08.10.15 12:00am   |   SHARE

Christine Rutan: Board President, PDX Pop Now! Music Festival

portland enthusiast. 23-year-old festival prodigy. cyndi lauper fan.
Aubrey Wallace   |   11.7.14 4:00am   |   SHARE

Debbie Allen: Expert of Experts

author. coach. master advice-giver.
Aubrey Wallace   |   10.16.14 6:00pm   |   SHARE

Prachi Agarwal Gupta: CEO of FitHo and Co-author of Losing It

nutrition nut. fitness guru. simplicity advocate.
Aubrey Wallace   |   10.11.14 4:00am   |   SHARE

Bethlehem Foster: Studier of Sociology, Fashion Stylist

Spotted: Feeding the meter in Oakland, CA
Aubrey Wallace   |   10.3.14 2:13am   |   SHARE

Chelsea Carmona: Program Manager for the OpEd Project

fledgling author. stigma-defier. former addict.
Aubrey Wallace   |   10.2.14 4:00am   |   SHARE

Arielle Bowers: Travel Show Creator, Backpacking Aficionado

world chaser. producer. millennial adventurer.
Aubrey Wallace   |   09.29.14 2:38am   |   SHARE

Pam: Newly Retired Qween of Qweenie’s Weenies

Spotted at: Eat Real Festival, Oakland, CA
Aubrey Wallace   |   09.26.14 2:02am   |   SHARE

Evelyn: Architecture Designer, Kiwi

Spotted: Walking back to work after lunch in Oakland, CA
Aubrey Wallace   |   09.23.14 2:29am   |   SHARE

Pia Franzese: Economic Developer

Spotted: Hurrying on her way to a meeting at the Port Workspaces, Oakland, CA
Aubrey Wallace   |   09.21.14 2:03am   |   SHARE