Evelyn: Architecture Designer, Kiwi

Spotted: Walking back to work after lunch in Oakland, CA

Occupation: Designer at an architecture firm

Have you always known that you wanted to do architecture?

Basically since I was about 10. It's been pretty straightforward for me.

How do you make that decision when you're 10?

I dreamt big, I don't know.

Where are you from?

I'm from New Zealand—I've been in the states for about three months, I like it.

Do you miss New Zealand?

I'm actually going back next week for my graduation. For one week.

How are you feeling about going back?

Good! My family is there so it's a trip back home.

What's your favorite thing about New Zealand, and what's your favorite thing about the U.S.?

I think my favorite thing about New Zealand is that it's really clean and really peaceful. And here, it's lively. If I could mix the two—that would be great!

Is that your goal? Do you think you want to stay in the U.S.?

Perhaps, I think that New Zealand is more of a retirement country where as the States is more about building up your career. So, so far at least, it's been a good move.

Where did you get your shirt?

A boutique in Hong Kong. I was there in May for 3 days, I transferred there. This shirt got me free coffee once!

What about your bracelet?

In the city at one of those mainstream places, like Hot Topic or something.

What is your graduate degree in?

Masters of Architecture.

Do you stay in Oakland now?

Nope, I stay in the city and I commute here every morning.

Wow, morning traffic! What's your favorite way to commute?

The Ferry. I live really close to the port, like 3 blocks away.

Did you move here by yourself? Did you leave any love interest behind?

No, no, no no. It's quite the opposite, I moved here to be with my boyfriend! He's from the East Bay.

How does it feel to be in the same country?

Good. It's been like, three years.

How did you guys meet?

I went to Berkeley, then I went to New Zealand to finish grad school and I came back. We met at a party—how else do you meet anyone that's not in your department!?

Do you have a "we met and fell and love" story?

It was quick, and a little embarrassing. I was surprised by it but it's been good, it's been really good.

Is there anything that you have really been thinking about lately?

Nope. I have too much on my plate. Since I'm just starting work, everything that I do is about work . . . it's a little boring.

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