Caitlyn Jenner

Image: Sebastian Kim for TIME

Caitlyn Jenner And The 2016 Election

Caitlyn Jenner is returning to the airwaves (cable-waves? Digital streaming waves?) this weekend with the second season of a reality show documenting her life after coming out as transgender. The promos show clips filled with drama, laughter, and many, many outfits. Soooooo many outfits.


Dear Haters, YOU Are Why Caitlyn Jenner Deserves Her Courage Award

Being terminally ill, black, gay, or transgender doesn't alone make your courageous. What takes courage (and it takes so much it’s hard to imagine where it comes from) is the willingness to shed the identity others expect or impose on you and adopt the identity that is truly yours . . . and fully own it.


We're Having A Girl

Unlike the many women who dance towards the pink sugarplum visions having a girl conjures, I wanted desperately to escape.

Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair July 2015 Issue

The Value of Caitlyn Jenner

Everyone is talking about Caitlyn Jenner, including those who don’t want to talk about her. She is familiar with the paradox. When she called herself Bruce, he didn’t want to talk about her either. Now that she’s here, the value of Caitlyn is being decided.