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Snapchat's Rihanna Joke Isn't Harmless — It's A Slap In The Face To Domestic Violence Survivors

Abuse is rampant in this country and Snapchat, with the power to influence millions of users, has done nothing to educate, illuminate, or eradicate Read...
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Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Chris Brown's Depravity By The Numbers

It doesn't take a mathematician to determine our culture is seriously messed up for (consistently) promoting this (totally) awful performer. Read...
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Celebrity Reactions To The Ebola Epidemic: The Good, The Bad And The Very Ugly

This just in: Donald Trump and Chris Brown are the worst people ever, and joking about Ebola is never OK. Read...
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OMG, TSwift crawled under our legs! (Credit: Taylor Swift's YouTube channel)

Behind the Scenes of Taylor Swift's New Music Video, "Shake It Off"

A dancer/fan from TSwift's new video provides the inside scoop on an unusually gracious star. Read...
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Married to no one is the new single. Courtesy of YouTube

Watch Lana Del Rey Embrace Her Eccentricities in "Ultraviolence" Video

Bravo. Artists should be into being weird. But maybe not as into being hit? Read...
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New Hostile Hostel Offers "Wife-Beater Bungalow"—Offends Everyone on Earth

There's a new pop-up hostel in New York. The problem? Some totally twisted names for the rentable space. Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   05.16.14   |   SHARE
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