When mom and dad argue, oftentimes, the child feels responsible and that it’s their fault.

Yes, There’s A 'Right Way' To Fight In Front Of Your Kids — Here’s How

Remember vowing that when you got to be an adult you and your spouse wouldn't be fighting in front of your kids like that?

Spend most of your money on travel. Image: Andrew Phillips/Unsplash.

20 Non-BS Life Lessons I Learned By Age 30

Now that I’ve turned 30 (and wear caftans) I’m done reading vapid click-bait offering prosaic advice. This is not one of those articles.


The Israel/Hamas Ceasefire Has Already Collapsed

The U.S. and UN announced a ceasefire yesterday. . . and it's already unraveled--as if the conflict's death toll and destructive track record weren't already horrific enough.


Meron Estefanos: Eritrean Radio Journalist

refugee advocate. mother. giver.


Dear Bolivia: Child Labor Should Not be the Answer to Your Economic Woes

In Bolivia, children as young as 10 can now enter the workforce. How will the country's youth be affected by this decision?


Ukraine Women! Refusing to Screw Russians Isn't Empowering

It's funny, but let's not pretend that it's okay to use sex as a weapon.


Yup, Diamonds are Still a Girl’s Best Friend: Billion-dollar Industry Shows No Sign of Slowing Down

Who’s sick of the recession and its aftermath? Who wants to rebel against financial constraints by reveling in diamonds?