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The Supermoon Is Making Me Supercrazy (+ Milli Vanilli)

Can't sleep? 

Kids acting like banshees?

Increase in crime rate?

ER to capacity?

Like, who actually does this? Credit: YouTube

Watch: Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" Video Tackles The Harmful Notion Of "Crazy"

Stop calling your lovers "crazy."

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CeeLo Green: The Dangers Of Rape Justification

I see you writing nasty tweets, and, I'm like, fuck you. Ooh ooh ooh!


Watch: OK Go Will Blow Your Mind . . . Again!

OK Go music videos always astound, but this fantastic new film for "Writing's on the Wall" tops them all.


Top 5 Craziest Failed Political Parties: A Voting Season Special!

In honor of yesterday's primaries, we bring you the wackiest political parties that are no longer with us.


Need to Nail a Job Interview? Have We Got Some Tips For You!

Sure you could stick with the same old, ho-hum hackneyed tricks everyone uses, OR you could kick it up to a notch with The Onion's Tips For Nailing a Job Interview, adding a sprinkling of accusation, harassment and implicit threats!