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Take The Cake: Love Letter To The Fat Babe At The Club

I hadn't been to a club like this one — the kind full of straight men who are probably homophobic and at least a little coercive, who smell like Old Spice deodorant and have enough disposable income to keep an open tab (the kind of men I'd been taught were "a catch") — for a very, very long time. I tried to remember exactly how long. A decade? More?

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Julianne Hough Just Got Married And The Way Her Husband Looks At Her Is #RelationshipGoals

Julianne Hough and hockey player Brooks Laich just got married and the pictures and video will make you cry and scream #RELATIONSHIPGOALS!


Looking For New Ways To Practice Self-Care? Dance It Out!

Self-care can be a lot of things.

Fancy Feast — The Fat Burlesque Performer

Fancy Feast, The Fat Burlesque Performer: A (Super Awesome & Babely) Film By Leon Chase

Fancy Feast is smart, funny, entertaining, and gorgeous. I don't have anything else to say.

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"Leave Room For Jesus:" Does Purity Culture Devalue Girls?

At Santa Rosa Christian School, dancing was a gateway drug. The gyrating, the slow romantic swaying...


This Is What Happens When You Turn 21 On Easter Sunday

According to that fateful day in October, the vision of my pending 21st was a deafeningly loud, "I don't think so." Clad in pastel.

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Finally Swimming In A Sea Of Truth: After Super Bowl XLIX, I Realize I Am A Left Shark

I’ve been flopping my finlike appendages around, ungracefully out of sync with the rest of society since I was in utero.


Amanda Copple: Ballet Dancer

Spotted in: SOMA, SF