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Will These Adorable Tiny Animals Get Here Before Christmas? WHO CARES?

Thinking of getting engaged soon? Nothing says I love you like a cat ring.

I have found that with age, I have become much more practical about what suits me and what doesn’t, while still attempting to keep an open mind.

6 Summer Shoes That Are Sensible AND Stylish

In fashion, the mantra is “never say never.” Never claim that you’ll never wear it, because that's the easiest way to end up eating your words, prancing about in a style you once referred to as “unsuitable.”

Exisitential crisis map.

Turn-By-Turn Directions For Your Existential Crisis

Make a u-turn into the darkest recesses of your psyche. Wonder about your life purpose: Were you put on earth to stare at computer screens and pay bills and die? Cringe while imagining what your idealistic college self would think of you now. Conclude that your life lacks creativity and meaning and simple joys.


The Internal Struggle Of Putting A Dollar Amount On My Work

Why is it so difficult to value myself, and publicly ask that others do the same? There is something that feels so incredibly bold in declaring, “Yes! My time and effort is worth money.”


Skye Taylor: Dollmaker

Spotted in: Lake Merritt, Oakland


Andrea Wittman: Wanderer, Crafter

Spotted at: Ferry Building, SF