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Photo of Cameron Dezen Hammon by Anna Sneed

Music, God, Love, Desire: In Conversation With Cameron Dezen Hammon

Hammon never shirks the seriousness of such truth-telling. I spoke to her about music, privacy, sex and love addiction, and the unquenchable hunger of being alive.  Read...
If our kids hear us excusing rape or sexual assault in any way, they will internalize that message. Image: Krewr Studio/Pexels.

6 Ways We (Accidentally) Teach Our Kids Rape Culture

As moms and dads, we probably don’t talk directly about rape to kids, at least not until they’re older. But we’re still sending messages about sex and consent all the time. Because of that, we need to make sure we’re not teaching them some very dangerous lessons, even if just by accident.

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I Still Shop At Hobby Lobby — Even Though It's Run By Bigots

While the Supreme Court deliberated Hobby Lobby’s 2013 case against Obamacare, I took to social media to stoically announce: “I’m never shopping at Hob Lob again.” But I did. Over time, Hobby Lobby lured me back into its Jesus-loving automatic sliding doors. It wasn’t the weekly 40% off coupon that got me — it was the goddamn specific products that I repeatedly purchase as an artist. (I’m thinking about you, florescent paint.)