I know you think you’re safe in your car because it’s your property, but you’re not.

20 Places To NOT Have Public Sex

Having sex in public is exhilarating. But while the risk of being caught is compelling to many of us, getting busted will earn you a fat misdemeanor charge with up to three years in prison. The authorities are not screwing around on this — so keep this in mind before you release your inner exhibitionist and live life in your free-spirited way.

This is not a photo of me. But it may as well be. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Confession: I Participated In A Sleazy Cancun Wet T-Shirt Contest

I'm a feminist who has to get something off my chest that’s, well . . . about my chest.


New Documentary Explores Penis Museum Contest in Iceland

Iceland's Phallological Museum is the subject of The Final Member, a new documentary featuring two men competing for an unusual honor.