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Ali Abbassi’s Border movie

Take The Cake: Does Ali Abbassi’s ‘Border’ Have Lessons For Fat Acceptance?

Ali Abbassi’s ‘Border’ movie ultimately reminded me of what happens when we meet someone who reflects our power back to us. Read...
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image credit: Virgie Tovar via Instagram

Take The Cake: The Hardest Part Of Writing You Have The Right To Remain Fat

To many who have experienced the gruesome reality that is diet culture I know 'You Have The Right To Remain Fat' makes complete sense. Read...
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There’s a lot more information about what it’s like to be a fat woman and the things you should and shouldn’t say.

7 Things I Wish People Knew About Being A Fat Woman

There’s a lot more information about what it’s like to be a fat woman and the things you should and shouldn’t say. Here's what I want everyone to Read...
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"I save dresses for the kinds of “special occasions” where it’s easier to wear a dress than to argue with people about why I didn’t wear a dress."

We Need To Talk About The Pressure To Be Femme When You're Fat

Femme, as it’s expected, isn’t easy for me. It seems to demand from me labor I’m increasingly less willing or less able to undertake as a mentally Read...

Take The Cake: More Fat Face Representation Please

The other day I was having coffee and ice cream with my friend. We were talking about who we follow online. She is plus size and has asymmetrical Read...
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Why are people so scared and angry about Nike offering plus-size fitness wear? (Image Credit: Instagram/trendera)

Nike Backlash Proves It's Not About Fat People's Health

Nobody, of any size, is obligated to participate in sports/exercise/movement. Participation doesn’t make someone better than those who don’t — Read...
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My body, this larger body of mine, has been there through everything.

How I Came To Love My Fat, Beautiful Body

Beauty and body fat percentage are not mutually exclusive. Read...
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image credit: Lady Gaga via Instagram

Lady Gaga, The Super Bowl, And Half-Assed Body Positivity

Too often people claim that they are practicing Body Positivity when in fact they are perpetuating fatphobia and/or using healthism and ableism to Read...
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