Weighing someone with witnesses isn’t just an evasion of privacy; it’s embarrassing.

I Don't Want Witnesses When I'm Weighed

I know there are far worse injustices happening in the world, but getting weighed in front of people smacks of fat-shaming, and feels incredibly invasive.

A world in which fatphobia suggests that fat women are undesirable, and then uses that as a defense of sexually assaulting fat women isn’t new.

#MeToo & Fat Women: Sexual Assault Is Not A "Favor" 

We live in a world which fatphobia suggests that fat women are undesirable. It's disturbing to have to say that sexual assault is not a favor.

Yeah, fat people exercise too. (Image Credit: Think Stock)

I'm Overweight And Get Fat-Shamed When I Exercise

I’m riding my bike around a local community center on a Sunday morning.

"Moreno's case still deserves our attention... because it really brings to light the fact that fat-shaming hurts people of all sizes." Image: today.com

Fat-Shaming Should Not Be An Olympic Sport

Alexa Moreno recently found herself the subject of a whole lot of fat-shaming on social media. Normally that would be no surprise since, sadly, there’s tons of fat shaming on social media every day (ask any fat activist), but this was a bit different, in that Alexa weighs 99 pounds — and is a gymnast who had just finished competing in the freaking Olympics.

The expectation of women in TV news to appear exactly as viewers want them to normalizes the commodification of a woman’s (ANY woman’s) appearance. Image: KTLA/screenshot.

Women Aren't Mannequins: Liberté Chan, KTLA, And The Sweater

Liberté Chan, a weather anchor at KTLA in Los Angeles, was handed a sweater by her male co-anchor and told to cover up on-air because of these types of viewer emails. People watching her weather report determined that her dress, which showed her arms, was too revealing. This is ironic, because so many of us who have worked in news have felt a trend toward wearing less and less clothing.

Flowers make people happy. FLOWER, BITCHES.

Response #7431 To The "Dear Fat People" Lady

I was pretty firm in my conviction over the weekend that I wouldn’t even address this Meanie Pants, but then another person emailed me, and another and another, and said they actually felt really shitty about themselves after being pretty much being fucking forced to watch that nonsense video. And I remembered that there was a time I would have felt really shitty, too.