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Breaking Up With My Narcissistic Father

This self-absorbed womanizer is my narcissistic father. And many of us have them. Read...
Olivia Pennelle    |   01.3.19   |   SHARE
Parenting gets harder. Giving up control of our kids is an art.

Parenting Gets Harder (If You’re Doing It Right)

Parenting gets harder. Giving up control of our kids is an art. Read...
Tim Rymel of The Good Men Project    |   01.24.18   |   SHARE
We spend so much energy teaching our children, not realizing that they are the ones teaching us.

Four Ways To Be More Like A Four-Year-Old

Our children can teach us how to be happier, better people. Read...
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Reconciliation after a huge family fallout can be hard on everyone.

Ask Erin: Help! My Dad Hates Me Because I Couldn't Pay My Student Loans

She’s made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to… Ask Erin is a weekly advice column, in which Erin answers your burning questions about anything at Read...
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Ask Erin
The room smelled like gefilte fish, and it reminded me of the synagogues I studied in for hours on Sabbath afternoons to please my father.

Long Reads: Out Of The Picture 

A man faces his estranged father and the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community he had left behind years ago. Read...
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Long Reads
We are constantly learning how to make the absolute most of the time we have.

The Art Of Presence 

We forget so quickly how to be in the moment, and what it boils down to is whether we are truly invested in the precious time we have with other Read...
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Though my father meant it as a compliment, the word “othered” my mother, younger sisters, and me.

When Your White Father Calls You "Exotic"

For years, my white father called my mother’s beauty an “exotic” beauty. When I started to come into my own, he began calling me “exotic,” too. It Read...
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“Boys will be boys” needs to STOP. Image: Schock Photography.

It's Not 'Cute' When Dads Threaten My Son For Dating Their Daughter

The role of overprotective father is not a new one, it is a tired concept that needs to just die, already. Don't threaten my son for dating your Read...
Kasey Ferris of Your Tango    |   05.9.16   |   SHARE