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Planning A Threesome Allowed Me To Take Control Of My Sexuality

When my husband planned an anniversary trip to Las Vegas, he was thinking about live music and long drives through the southwest. I thought of something else: a threesome with the two of us and hired help. Read...

I Am Not A Slut Author Leora Tanenbaum Talks "Sluttiness" And Female Sexuality  

"I think an alternative word to describe a sexually active woman is 'woman,' or perhaps 'human being.'"


One Night Only! The Pros And Oh Nos Of A One-Night Stand

Ah, the sordid glory of the one-night stand. It's much-dreaded and much-coveted. It's confusing. But are they any good for us?


UK Bans 10 Acts From Pornography, We Call Fascist, Sexist Bullshit

In a decision that feels like a neo-Brave New World, the UK has forbidden 10 sex acts from being depicted in online pornography.


Say Hello To Vaginismus, The Locked Vagina Syndrome

The intricacies of happy vaginas are ever baffling. Thanks again, Nature, for throwing us through a loop with this rare and terrifying sexual disorder.

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Sex And The Talmud: Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Men Are Obligated To Make Their Wives Come First 

Jewish law obligates men to make the woman orgasm first. Um . . . get me to the synagogue and under that chuppah ASAP.

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Breaking News From Canada: Spooning Sex Position Not Actually Best One For A Bad Back

Got a bad back? Turns out the spooning position shouldn't actually be your go-to get-it-on move.

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Premature Ejaculation is All in His Head

While there's manual to the minds of the sexes, new research about premature ejaculation has shed some new light on this blush-inducing conundrum.