First Kiss

It took quite a few years before a kiss felt worthy of movie magic for me and I am still waiting to be danced into bed. (Image Credit: Instagram/wolvicity)

The Movies Lied To Me

Every John Hughes movie seemed to feature a pair of diamond earrings being gifted to the heroine or shared with the bad boy, like Bender at the end of The Breakfast Club. I failed to realize that I wasn't exactly in the same demographic as these rich valley girls and there aren't too many teenage boys in the East End of London with diamond buying money to burn... and if there are you should probably give them a wide berth. Drug dealer alert!

Photo by Nathan Walker on Unsplash

Knowing What You Want (In Bed And In Life)

As I stand there staring, I realize my mouth is actually watering — I’m a split second away from literally drooling over this guy.


Dan Savage Calls Out Duggar Daughter for Her "Extreme Courtship Rules," Twitter Wrath Commences

Noted sex columnist, Dan Savage, tweeted his opinion—#fuckfirst—about the Duggar's daughter being on the cover of People magazine and touting her virginity. He's now being attacked for his "intolerance."