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Melissa asked my mom for a banana and said, “All of the ones at my house have condoms on them.”

First Love and Condom-Covered Bananas

Standing in the kitchen of my South Beach condo, I hear in my head what my mom said during my recent visit to California. “Be more vulnerable,” she Read...
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What I Learned From My First Love

I’m not divorced yet. I have emotional work to do before loving again, and I would like time alone to be a mom, remember my strengths, and to find my Read...
Jenny Kanevsky of The Good Men Project    |   06.29.15   |   SHARE
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How To Fall In Love In 6 Songs

The message is simple: you are pretty, and I love you. These songs draw the ire of my father, a physicist and classical musician. Read...
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The First Cut Is The Deepest? Ravishly Tales Of First Love

There's something about your First Love that casts quite a spell on the psyche. So we thought we'd share our first-cuts with you. Read...
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Why I Tell The Truth: An Ode To Writing

It's a small life—a simmering whimpering song really—but I will not slip silently into the grass with you, I cannot. Read...
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SPAGHETTIFICATION: Fiction From Luna Luna Magazine

For thirteen days, we have walked near each other, but not too near. Read...
Beth Gilstrap of Luna Luna Magazine    |   10.19.14   |   SHARE

Slings And Splints: The First Time I Fell In Love

For a long time, romantic love was an esoteric thing to me that I assumed would occur eventually, like taxes and having your clothes dry-cleaned. Read...
Brianne Hogan    |   10.13.14   |   SHARE
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