"Capybaras are the world’s largest rodents and they look sort of like jumbo-sized guinea pigs."

Florida Is Experiencing A Literal Cute Invasion

Normally, when I think of invasive species, I get a pretty grim picture in my mind. The wilds of Florida are no stranger to terrifying invasive species either — 16 foot Burmese pythons, anyone? — but their latest case of exotic pets gone feral is less horror-movie and more “ZOMG I WANT TO SNUGGLE THEM!”


Florida Woman Publicly Shames Governor Rick Scott In A Starbucks

The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees every citizen the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. Notably, there are no instructions for exactly how to petition the government, and no limits on what kind of grievances for which citizens may seek redress. Which is why it’s totally constitutional and patriotic that a lady lit into Florida Governor Rick Scott in a Starbucks.

In Florida, you can sell this for beer! (Credit: ThinkStock)

New Film Florida Man Begs The Question: Why Is The Sunshine State So Weird?

Is there an explanation for this state of sushi-stuffed pants, meat heists, and face biting? Actually, yes.


Keeping it Weird in FL: Pet-eating Lizards, Giant Pythons and Exotic Crocs Wreck Havoc in the Sunshine State

The wild animal trade is responsible for an ecosystem fiasco in the sunny state, leaving Fido to fend for his life.