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My Parents Stole My Identity. I Won’t Let Them Steal My Future. 

I’ve built my life from ashes, and I’ve filled it with intentional kindness and trust. My parents stole yesterday. I won’t let them take tomorrow.


Bisola Atinmo: Money Laundering Combater For Airbnb, DJ

Spotted at: Potrero Hill, SF


Orange Is The New Jersey: Maybe We Should Cut Teresa Giudice A Break

We root for Piper in "Orange is the New Black" so why are we all gunning for Teresa Guidice's punishment?

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Why Scientific Fraud is More Pervasive Than You Might Think

Academic research is far more cutthroat than many in the public realize.


The Horror! Rat Hair Found in Cashmere Coats, The Universe Collectively Gags

Recently a year-long investigation resulted in the arrests of 14 suspect