Free the Nipple

THEIR nipples were freed — why not mine? Image: Thinkstock.

Free The Nipple Is More Than Just 'First-World' Feminism

It was at about this time last year that the Free the Nipple movement first gained steam, as women and male allies around the world responded to Lina Esco’s critically-acclaimed film of the same name by staging peaceful — and, of course, topless — protests.

There are surprisingly few stock photos of women in thongs with "I <3 NY" painted on their butt cheeks.

Tatas In Times Square: NYC Tells Its Desnudas To Cover Up

The Daily News quoted one painted lady as saying, “People come up to us sometimes and say what we do is disgusting,” she said. “But what is disgusting about the female body? They shield their kids sometimes, and I think, ‘Kids come from the female body.’”