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Bay Area-based News & Politics writer offering her feminist perspective; obsessed with women's history, social justice, imagined endings to HIMYM, and theories on Jon Snow's parentage.

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THEIR nipples were freed — why not mine? Image: Thinkstock.

Free The Nipple Is More Than Just 'First-World' Feminism

It was at about this time last year that the Free the Nipple movement first gained steam, as women and male allies around the world responded to Lina Esco’s critically-acclaimed film of the same name by staging peaceful — and, of course, topless — protests.

Put simply, his platform directly addresses conditions millennials have struggled with all their lives, offering immediate change, rather than gradual proposals.

The Unique Irony Of Shaming Millennial Bernie Supporters

It’s a well-documented fact that a majority of Democrats under 30 support Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. From the earliest races in the primary, he led with this demographic by huge margins, and shocked many with his emphatic popularity among millennial women, whom the Clinton campaign was understandably banking on.

Does support from women of color exculpate Clinton from charges of being a white feminist?  The short answer: No.

Having Support From Women Of Color Doesn't Make Hillary An Intersectional Feminist

"White feminism” is defined by intersectional feminists as a brand of activism that exclusively uplifts well-to-do white women, while ignoring every other marginalized group. It’s also defined by many Hillary Clinton critics as, well, Hillary Clinton herself.

Settling for less than what you want or know you deserve sucks. However, in some cases, it’s absolutely necessary.

5 Things To Keep In Mind If You're 'Bernie Or Bust'

I wholeheartedly agree with Sanders’ supporters’ main talking point that it’s high time for the current political system and its lack of inclusiveness to be overturned.... On the other hand, since Clinton has so alienated a third of Sanders’ progressive base, it’s high time for her to rethink some things, too. Who knows, maybe challenging her to move to the left on certain issues could be even more productive than shaming the “Bernie or Bust” faction.

For many, access to abortion is what makes higher education possible.

Having The Abortion Pill On College Campuses Isn't Just Necessary — It's A Total Game Changer

The abortion pill — a combination of dosages of misoprostol and mifepristone, which inhibit the hormones necessary for pregnancy — was approved by the Food and Drug Administration 16 years ago, but requirements to access the pill vary widely across states.

The case for marijuana legalization is inclusive of just about every marginalized group.

The Feminist Case For Marijuana Legalization

At the end of March, a 22-year-old interview in which top Nixon aide John Ehrlichman admitted that the War on Drugs was largely initiated to target the “antiwar left” and “black people” was published by Harper magazine.