Catherine Gigante-Brown

Catherine Gigante-Brown


Catherine Gigante-Brown is a freelance writer of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Her works have appeared in Time Out New York, Essence and Seventeen. She co-wrote two biographies for Prometheus Books and her short stories appear in fiction anthologies. Catherine’s first novel, The El, is available from Volossal Publishing. You can learn more about her on her website.

Catherine Gigante-Brown Articles

Catherine and Stephen (top left) with their fellow cousins

Remembering Stephen: Love, Loss, And AIDS

What Stephen didn’t know –– what no one knew –– was how weak my knees grew when I pushed through the swinging doors of the ICU.

David with his taller friends

Little Wonder: Stupid Things People Say To Short People

Even when I explained to my son that he came from a long line of short people, it didn’t help. David still felt bad about being small. How could a five-year-old possibly get this type of size-shaming message? From other people, mostly insensitive adults. They gave him the idea that bigger was somehow better.


10 Ways To Make It Through Your Son's Teen Years...Without Killing Each Other

"Remember, this isn’t just happening to you, it’s happening to moms everywhere. It’s not your fault — "

Alexa: Friend? Foe?

8 Ways Amazon Echo (AKA Alexa) Isn't All She's Cracked Up To Be

Alexa is like a nosy neighbor: She’s always listening. That’s how she can respond when you ask her to do something. So, when you’re getting busy on the kitchen counter — Alexa’s listening. When you’re telling Capital One the last four digits of your SSN — Alexa’s listening. And who knows who else is.


Paranoia Is Killing Our Kids' Independence

My husband and I agreed: raising a child with an independent spirit who made decisions for himself was a good thing.


Summer Rental, Summer Love

You learn a lot about people when you live in their home. The Taylors seemed to lead a joyless, Spartan existence.


My Bizarre Brush With Santeria: Hocus Pocus? Real Deal?

The santero sent us off with a shopping list of ite

David with his first Mohawk

In Praise Of The Mohawk

"Sometimes David wore his hair spiked like a cockscomb. Others, he wore it feathery like a baby chick. He wore his Mohawk to summer camp (exchanging encouraging head chucks with another older camper who sported one, too) and even to Vacation Bible School—no judgment there."

Credit: Thinkstock

How I Learned To Get Naked With Strangers Again After My Mastectomy

I fumbled with my lace bra, hoping my silicone form wouldn't fall out from the left cup. I wasn't exactly ready . . . yet I was.


Last Night, I Met “The Other Woman”

" Sure enough, the doorbell rang one early June day and there she was: curvy, seductive body, smooth black skin, bright blue eyes."