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Between An iPad And A Hard Place: Life In The "Technology Sandwich Generation" 

It's not easy being sandwiched between elderly relatives who are confused by technology, and small, alien life forms who depend on it.


90's Grrrl Power Lives on in the 21st Century

Beneath the ear-worming melodies and undeniable pop-froth of the '90s was a latent feminist agenda that's still informing the woman I am today.


It's 2014 and YOLO Is Still Bringing Us Down (In More Ways than the Mere Degradation of Language)

The Millennial Generation has been called every variation of lazy ingrate that the Baby Boomers and Generation X-ers could think of. And with YOLO as a point of reference, who could blame them?


Keep that Smartphone Away from Your Brain (and Other Useful Body Parts)

If there’s even a chance that smartphones are connected to cancer why the fuck do we keep using them?


GOP, If You Want The Millennial Vote, this Is Not The Way to Get it

Hey GOP, you can't capture millennial votes with silly stereotypes. You'll have to be more creative than that.


Orcas on the Mind: Is it Time for "Free Willy 2?"

A proposed California bill is bringing new attention to the fate of performance orcas at SeaWorld