STUDY: 52% of Cheaters Say Spouse Not Fit.

52% Of Cheaters Say Their Spouse Isn't Physically Fit, 100% Of People Cheated On Say That's Stupid

Today, the email headline was “STUDY: 52% of Cheaters Say Spouse Not Fit.” If you’re a cheater it's NOT because your partner is unfit. Read...
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Gym Gone Wild — Fatshaming Kids As A Marketing Ploy

In case there are people who need to be told this (and there shouldn’t be) fat shaming kids is never, ever ok. And it does not lead to healthier Read...
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Having a compulsive need to workout is a struggle to overcome.

I Skipped The Gym & That's Okay

Living with OCD and overcoming compulsions or obsessions is not a linear process. I’ve had several bouts of compulsions in my life, and even if I’ve Read...
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I deal with some seriously dumb assumptions. (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

What It's Like To Be The Biggest Girl At The Gym

*/ /*-->*/ Recently, I was getting ready to leave the gym when someone congratulated me on my “new healthy lifestyle.” “You’re doing great, by the Read...
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"While there are tons of fathletes, fat people are often excluded from the fitness world — especially when it comes to working in the fitness industry." Image:

Gold's Gym Posts Stunningly Misogynistic Ad; Activists Shut It Down

Using the corporate logo, a Gold's Gym franchise in Egypt posted a picture of a pear with the caption "This is no shape for a girl" to their Facebook Read...
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Even when I make a conscious effort not to apologize for my mere presence as a woman, it's incredibly difficult to avoid. Image: Scott Webb/Pexels.

Joining A Gym Made Me Realize I'm Failing At Feminism

For the first time in my life, I realized how much time I’ve spent tip-toeing around what I have inherently felt was a “man's world”: from the gym to Read...
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"You need any help with that?"

5 Types Of Men At The Gym (And How to Drive Them Away)

The bad news is that, no matter what you do, you’re unlikely to get any personal space at the gym — even when there are plenty of machines available Read...
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Off The Cuff: How Do I Stay Stylish At The Gym?

Half the fun (or maybe more than half? Maybe all the fun, actually) of going to the gym is getting decked out in cute workout clothes. Read...
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