If your doctor isn’t willing to provide compassionate care, including reassuring and supporting you, then they are incompetent and undeserving of you as a patient.

If You're Feeling Uncomfortable With Your Gyno, It Might Be Time To Fire Them

A recent article claimed there are certain behaviors that gynecologists don't like in their patients. Here are some myths debunked about your trip to the gyno and some tips on when to fire them!

"ACO reviewed 60 years of research and found no compelling evidence that routine exams serves catch cancer or other conditions in asymptomatic patients." Image: Thinkstock

We Probably Don't Need Yearly Pelvic Exams, According To Science

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been getting annual pelvic exams since you were a teenager. You did this because conventional wisdom told you that you needed a Pap smear and a physical exam to keep your vagina and uterus up and running. Also, your doctor probably held your birth control prescription hostage every year until you came in to get checked out.

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11 Things Your Doctor Wishes You WOULDN'T Do Before A Pap Smear

“It’s a good idea to empty your bladder.”


Weird Sex Problem of the Day: Imperforate Hymen

Hymens come in all shapes, sizes and thicknesses. (They also can be total jerks.)