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Auschwitz Guard Convicted Of 170,000 Counts Of Accessory To Murder

Justice is elusive, but today we bring you a tale of retribution.

Where's that lip stencil? (Credit: YouTube)

100 Years Of Beauty Trends

A riveting new one-minute video got us thinking: How has beauty evolved over the decades?

Spoiler alert: Yes. (Credit: Facebook)

In Honor Of Mike Nichols, A Defense Of Mrs. Robinson

A new perspective on the classic film by Nichols, who passed away today.

Led Zeppelin, rocking the front covers. Credit: Facebook

5 Led Zeppelin Songs That Are Way Better Than "Stairway to Heaven"

And as we wind on down the—NO!

Mystery solved ... was there a mystery? Courtesy of, Twitter

Sophia Loren, Jane Mansfield And The Power Of Boob Envy

This famous photo reveals a not-so-surprising truth: Women are jealous of each other's boobs.

Is this hell, or my home? (Credit: Twitter)

San Francisco, We're Better Than This: A Fan's Reaction To The World Series Riots

The city I saw last night is not the city I live in and love.

See that wombat, George? It too will be king before you. Courtesy of, Wikimedia

Why Kate Middleton's Baby Bump Just Might Be Queen Before Kate

Long live the Queen! And so she has.


Happy Birthday, E.E. Cummings!

Get savvy on the acclaimed writer and poet—it won't take long, his poems are short.