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This Baby Captures My Feelings About Ice Cream EXACTLY

This baby girl eats ice cream like it's her job. We have the video so everyone can scream for ice cream!

“You’re not going to gain it ALL back, are you?” Image: Thinkstock.

10 Unhelpful Things People Said To Me When I Regained Lost Weight

“Wow, what happened?” (as eyes glance at my stomach area)
What do you mean, “What happened?” When asked this, I sometimes wonder if little aliens are flying around my waist or if blood is spewing from my hips.

If I don't start embracing the body I am in, my daughter loses, too. Image: Dahiana Candelo/Unsplash.

My Post-Pregnancy Body Doesn't Feel Like It's Mine Anymore

I understand that feeling good is far more important than looking good. But it's hard to not get caught up in the frenzy to lose all the baby weight when that's the only thing everyone seems to comment on post-delivery.

'MURRCA!! Image:

24 Ways To Be SUPEREXTRA Patriotic This 4th Of July

“Make America Great Again” with Trump bumper stickers. All over your car. And your neighbor’s car. “America” means cis, hetero, white/orange men in charge.

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Just In Time For Summer: Wine Ice Cream With Actual Booze In It

My new goal for this summer is to get my hands on Winecream. I’ll let you know if it’s as magical as I think it will be.

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Ben & Jerry's (Finally) Releases Dairy-Free Ice Cream #GBLESS

Breaking! Breaking! Ben & Jerry’s is introducing a line of non-dairy frozen desserts!


Ben & Jerry's Beer Is Coming: Dreams Do Come True!

Today, dear friends, we bring you a reason to survive another PMS attack:


High On History: Cronuts Be Damned—Are We Living In A Dessert Dark Age?

Growing up in ruralish-surburbanish Middle America, my restaurant experiences consisted largely of Applebee’s and its many iterations.