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Send This Terminally Ill Teen A Card; Make His Birthday Wish Come True

Even as he is dying, Jacob is a better human than most people. Read...
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Beyond Before & After: So You Have The Plague-Cold? 10 Ways To Fight Back

So far, nothing I’ve done has cured us, but I do have some pointers regardless. Read...
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“Can you do another blood test, or maybe an x-ray?” I asked. I could not wrap my head around why I would be short of breath all the time if nothing was wrong. He looked at my husband and rolled his eyes.

I Went To 3 Doctors Before Finding Someone Who Believed In My Illness

When there is a preconception that women exaggerate or are “hysterical,” then it follows that they won’t be listened to as carefully as men, or that Read...
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At the time, no one could tell me why I was suddenly visiting the ER on a monthly basis. Image: Thinkstock

Having A Rough Childhood Can Affect Your Health As An Adult

Prescribe, refer, repeat — that was the drill for several years. It wasn’t until I started to explore the impact of childhood adversity that I saw Read...
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My sickness bought us closer and helped me embrace my new, totally unexpected relationship. Image: Abby Dawson.

How Waking Up Next To My New Girlfriend Covered In Sh*t Changed Me

[CN: emetophobia] I look up at Hannah with bulging eyes and my hands covering my mouth. We have a bit of a shituation. “Han, I am so sorry." Read...
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Fuck society's standards, my friend. Image: Jes Baker.

So I've Gained Weight. SO WHAT?

REAL TALK — my body is going to keep changing for the rest of my life. If it's not weight gain, it will be aging. If not aging, it could be an Read...
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I wish people would stop assuming they know how to fix my kid. Image: Carrie Saum.

For Food Allergy Awareness Month: My Son Has FPIES

[CN: emetophobia] I wish my son's gut could handle more than a few foods. I wish there were a magic Google function that could tell me and all of Read...
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We massage hope into our cheeks and forehead and wait for miracles to materialize.

The Beauty Of The Moment

The body and face we have today is such a tenuous thing. The longer I live, the more strongly aware I am that there are no promises of health or Read...
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