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How ISIS Makes $3 Million A Day: Selling Ancient Books

Waging war isn't cheap. Trafficking in antiquities pays the bills—and the trade is as lucrative as ever.

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ISIS Beheads Second American Journalist Steven Sotloff, Obama Pledges Destruction Of Militant Group

On the heels of another chilling ISIS murder, Obama has vowed that justice will be served.

Free James Foley Facebook Page

ISIS Beheads US Journalist James Foley, Threatens To Kill Other Americans

Islamic State has reportedly executed American journalist James Foley. The footage of his beheading circles on social media, complete with threats against the U.S.


As Islamic State Violence Grows, So Does its Governing Power

The terror surrounding Islamic State's violence has long been established. But now they've begun to organize and govern their territories.

Part of the Islamic State's coat of arms (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Islamic State’s Latest Genocidal Move: Burying People Alive

Reports claim Islamic State militants have buried women and children alive as part of their mass slaughter of the Yazidi ethnic minority.


Thousands of Iraqis are Trapped on a Mountain Facing Death by Dehydration or Systematic Slaughtering

Tthe Islamic State militants (formally known as ISIS) have driven tens of thousands of Iraq's Yazidi minority group into the mountains.


We Could Do Without Lindsey Graham's Misogynist Arguments for War

Lindsey Graham, violence against women, and "gradations" of misogyny, oh my!


This Week in Hillary-World: Memoir Bombshells, Putin Sexism and a Silly People Controversy

With a carefully staged interview and People magazine cover, this week seemed to be laying the groundwork for an announcement.