Why We Need Feminism, Take 7129: Ruqia Hassan

If you live in America — and based on our analytics that’s about 87% of you — and you are reading this, the probability that you do

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Feminists, It's Time To Get Real About Trump

Do you want a man known for calling people “losers” to be sitting at a table with all the major economic powers in the world and trying to work out international trade deals or arms agreements? Or do you think he’d offend everyone in the room so much that he’d turn us into a global pariah?


#YouAintNoMuslimBruv Hashtag Trends In Wake Of London Attack

A man who stabbed three people in a London subway station Saturday tried to instill fear of ISIS by yelling "This is for Syria" as he was hauled away by police. Instead, it is the words of a bystander that captured the world's attention.


As France Drops Bombs, I Demand Peace

There is a bitter, ugly irony today in the trending hashtag #Pray4Paris and the haunting “Peace for Paris” graphic shown alongside the news of France’s military strikes against ISIS-held positions on Sunday.


9 Reasons Hillary Can't Become President (Mostly Because We're All Gonna Die If She Does)

If the news headlines are to be believed, Hillary announcing her presidency is the official beginning of a harrowing apocalypse.


Teen's Ridiculous Video Becomes Unlikely ISIS Sensation

You know those times when fact is stranger than fiction? Consider this one of those instances. 


Charges Against Former Egyptian President Mubarak Dismissed: Is The Arab Spring Dead?

Hosni Mubarak is likely soon to go free, marking a bitter end to the exciting promise of the Arab uprisings.

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Veterans Group Slams Fox News For Sexist 'Boobs On The Ground' Comment—And It's Amazing

Usually we try to ignore Fox News. But this epic takedown was too good to pass up.