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Jay-Z’s TIDAL: How Could A Music Genius Become So Tone Deaf?

Long story short, TIDAL is an expensive Spotify that is majority owned by the artists.


Watch Aziz Ansari Break Down Feminism

Aziz asked fellow feminists in Letterman's audience to clap. Let’s just say the applause . . . was less than overwhelming.

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Why Beyonce Is A Sex Alien . . . And Why We Like It

Beyonce's Fully Possessed, Male Gaze-Averting Sensuality: Part II of a three-part dissertation (seriously) on the world's most admired diva.

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Here's How to Throw a Proper Straight White Guy Festival

Patriarchal racially favored forces are a go! Let's do this thing y'all.


I'm a Woman Who Was Violent Against a Man. Here's Why I Will Never Let it Happen Again.

I deserve to be held accountable for the time I lost control and turned my partner into my victim.


Bill O'Reilly Blames Out-of-Wedlock Babies on...Beyonce?

The conservative instigator has taken Beyonce to task for promoting promiscuity. And yes, his attack is racist bullshit.


Get Tipsy on These Adorable/Hilarious Parodies of Beyonce's "Drunk in Love"

First up: adorable emojis behaving badly. Next up: an ode to donuts.