Why We Need Feminism, Take 7129: Ruqia Hassan

If you live in America — and based on our analytics that’s about 87% of you — and you are reading this, the probability that you do


Adelle Waldman: Author, The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.

first-time novelist. ex-journalist. brooklynite.

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Michigan State University Students Protest George Will As Commencement Speaker

In a Kafka-esque turn of events, MSU has hired a rape apologist while currently under federal investigation for its treatment of rape victims.


Can a Trans TV Reporter Change Turkey's Prejudice?

Michelle Demishevich is Turkey's first—and only—trans TV reporter. Can one women's visibility better the lives of LGBTQ folks throughout the country?


Badass Female News Anchor Speaks Out Against Russian Invasion of Ukraine on Air

Abby Martin, freshly minted badass (and news anchor for Moscow's English-speaking T.V.