Kim Davis

Kim Davis Has Filed Another Bigoted Petition To Halt Gay Marriage And I'm Sick Of Her Sh*t

In case you live on Mars, which is the only possible way you've missed the shitshow that is Kim Davis, this isn't Davis's first rodeo. Oh no, Davis was released from jail earlier this week after she was found in contempt of court for refusing to issue marriage licenses. This order came not just from the local courts, but was backed by the god damn Supreme Court of the United States. Because, you know, you should totally ignore the highest court in the fucking nation.

Why has Kim Davis not been fired yet?

Kim Davis Is Out Of Jail And I Want To Punch Her In The Face

Okay, I know that's not very Christian of me. Luckily, I'm an atheist. But, really, if we are being honest, who doesn't want to punch Kim Davis in the face by now?


Sorry Bigots, The Supreme Court Just Ruled That You Have To Do Your Job

The ACLU of Kentucky has already filed a motion for contempt against Davis because even after the SCOTUS told her to start issuing marriage licenses, she was back at work the next morning, stonily turning away gay couples.