Representation for LGBTQ families matters!

Representation For LGBTQ Families Still Has A Long Way To Go

The reality is the shift is happening slowly; for queer kids, and kids of queer parents, it might be too slow. Representation for LGBTQ families Read...
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I love her body because it’s hers.

Navigating Body Size Diversity In A Lesbian Relationship

Experience body size diversity in a lesbian relationship is our journey. Our bodies connect us, remind us of our humanness, and for this, I am Read...
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How The L Word Shaped My Queer Identity 

Volume down low, remote controller gripped tightly, I watched The L Word as an act of rebellion. Read...
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Doc McStuffins Now Features A Two-Mom, Biracial Family, Proving That Disney Is More Woke Than Most Of America

Kids just aren't born with this pre-conceived bullshit about people and families and sex and gender. Read...
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I grew numb to the fact that so many straight people in my life had such stoic ideas about what lesbians do and don’t do.

Stop Telling Me ‘Lesbians Don’t Scissor’ (And Other Things Straight People Insist We Never Do)

I don’t find many things strange (I have a high threshold for strange), but I do find it weird that I’ve come across so many straight people who are Read...
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25 Completely Ridiculous Lesbian Stereotypes That Just. Won't. Die.

Truthfully, the idea that the right guy and his penis will make us want to be with a guy is part of the "men in lesbian fantasyland" phenomenon, and Read...
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7 Ways Lesbians Helped Me Have Better Sex With My Husband

How do you take the sexism out of your sex life and make sure that pleasure doesn't revolve around him? This advice. Read...
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Blackmail, My Love: A Noir Exploration Of Queer History's Resistance And Community

Author Katie Gilmartin writes about keeping the memory of queer oppression and resistance alive in her new mystery novel. Read...
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