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The First Girl: On The Loss Of Friendship 

There is no support or safety net to break one’s fall when friendships fade or split apart. There's not an acceptable period of isolation.

And with that, I became a Taxi Dancer. Ten cents a dance, that's what they pay me.

Taxi Dancer: Giving Myself Away, One Song At A Time

I did it for the money, sure, but also out of a strange mixture of boredom, perversion, and self-abnegation. Giving myself away, one song at a time.

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This Is What It’s Like To Visit Your Boyfriend In Federal Prison

My life plan hadn’t included me — as a 19-year-old, third-year college student — visiting the love of my life in federal prison.  Read...
I learned to hide my lupus diagnosis as if it were a crime. (Photo by Jurica Koletić on Unsplash)

The One Thing Lupus Took From Me That I Don't Miss At All

I learned to hide my lupus diagnosis as if it were a crime. I became skilled in the art of misdirection.

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Why Are You So Sensitive?

The echo. It’s there. It’s what women are told. We’re too sensitive, too emotional; we’re overreacting. Why can’t we be rational, reasonable?

So many times in life, Daisy grew through the cracks, through what seemed like impossible obstacles.

Daisies Grow Through The Cracks: Losing A Friend To Suicide

I knew before I truly knew. When the icon revealing the new Facebook message from Daisy’s brother flashed on my screen, my heart fell to my feet.

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When Grief Turns Superstition Into Compulsion

Superstition ruled my mind. More than I realized. I had no idea, within hours, there’d be no child to mother. And then he was gone. And we were childless.

“We are moving to America,” they told me.

How Growing Up Russian And Cuban Made Me An American

I landed at Miami International Airport knowing nothing other than that my Cuban father and Russian mother had decided to move our family there.