Naomi Rand

Naomi Rand


  Naomi Rand is the author of four novels, Surviving Amelia, It’s Raining Men, Stealing For A Living and The One That Got Away. Her recent story “The Misfits” in the collection, Crime Plus Music is all about rock and roll and revenge. She’s working on a YA, Goodbye to Me that features a hard charging heroine who lives in New York City back when it was gritty and divine. In addition, she’s written for many national and local publications including The Boston Globe, The New York Times, Parents and Redbook. Her short fiction and literary criticism has been published in The Flexible Persona, Other Voices, Melus, Cutbank,The Florida Review, The Spirit That Moves Us Press, Invisible City, and The North Dakota Quarterly. 

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Why Are You So Sensitive?

The echo. It’s there. It’s what women are told. We’re too sensitive, too emotional; we’re overreacting. Why can’t we be rational, reasonable?