A suburban mom takes a stand. (Image credit: Lexi Magnusson)

Lovers And Fighters In America: LGBTQ Love Shines BC #LoveTrumpsHate

The Lovers & Fighters of America is a weekly column here at Ravishly featuring


A New Paradigm For Making Love

We’ve made love at the movies, while eating ice cream in public, while walking on the beach or enjoying a concert together. One time we made profound love just by sitting across from each other while staring into each other’s eyes and synchronizing our breathing.


The Problem With The "Largest Study To Date" On Infidelity

Reportedly, women and men have different views on sexual vs. emotional affairs. Let the dubious evolutionary theorizing begin.

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The Downsides Of Being Well-Endowed

Sometimes, having a big shlong or boobs isn't all it's cracked up to be.


50 Shades of Yawn: The Surprisingly Boring Lives of the Ultra Kinky

The grass is always sexier on the other side – especially if that side are the frolicking grounds for bouncing breast-ed exotic d