beautiful photo by Staci Sheets, beautiful body by Tara Baker

Faced With A Preventative Mastectomy, This Woman Celebrates Her Body With An Incredible Photo Shoot

I admit, I am partial. Not only do I know the woman in these photos, Tara, I also know Staci, the woman who took these photos.  I've known Staci Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   10.27.16   |   SHARE
Who's panicking? Not me. Image: Joni Edelman.

My Mammogram Revealed 'Abnormal' Tissue. They Told Me Not To Panic. I Panicked.

Do you want people to for-sure panic? Tell them not to panic. Read...
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Fighting Cancer On My Terms

"I was afraid this thing was going to do me in. But I took a deep breath and decided very early on that I would face cancer on my own terms." Read...
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In The Wake Of My Mastectomy, I Got A Tattoo

To the tattoo artist, I was a flesh canvas that she could transform into something beautiful. Read...
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